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Rehabilitation is a treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovering from injuries, illness or disease to a normal condition possible.


Counseling. Coaching. Consultation.


Welcome to IHT Rehabilitation Centre. Our team is there to support you throughout your journey to recovery with years of experience and expertise. We will ensure you receive the very best help and support.


Rehab is the process of assisting a person in achieving the best possible degree of function, independent and quality of life thru evidence-based treatment.


Rehab does not repair or remove the damage caused by sickness or trauma, rather it aids in restoration of our individual health, function and wellbeing.

Physical Therapy
Spa Facilities


Modern Facilities

Our rehabilitation centre is quite unlike most other physiotherapy clinics with modern, light and bright facilities that encourage recovery and healing in lush green surroundings.

Privacy Guaranteed

Our rehabilitation centre provides four high quality, completely private therapy rooms. Patients receive one on one care in a private room complete with changing facilities.

Latest Equipment

Our rehabilitation centre, we create an individual tailored rehabilitation program for every patient using the latest rehabilitation and exercise equipment to fast track the recovery